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With current trends of matte and bold lipsticks, lips tends to get dry and they need little extra TLC. We keep experimenting different brands which means different formulas, some can be good but some can dehydrate your lips. Also to carry those bold and matte lipsticks your lips should look properly prepped, moisturised and exfoliated or else you will end up with chapped lips within few minutes. I always always keep a lip balm handy for such situation. And slathering lip balm is my mandatory nightly ritual. Once in a week exfoliation is also must, only then one would be able to keep up with this trend.

So any guesses what this post about?? Well, its about my 2 current favourite lip balms.

Carmex and Neutrogena lip balms
Carmex and Neutrogena lip balms

Classic Carmex Moisturising &Cherry Carmex with SPF 15 lip balm

This is the lip balm i have been applying since past 3 years. I had come across this brand in some pharmacy shop in Johannesburg – South Africa. I had bought 2 containers then and used it sparingly as i loved them so much and didn’t want them to hit bottom. Surprisingly it did last for quite long given the fact i used to alternate it between some other brand lip balm, but i always came back to this. Just when it was about get over i discovered it in international airport recently and i purchased 2 containers again.


  • Very very hydrating
  • It heals already chapped lips almost overnight (might take 2-3 nights for severely chapped lips)
  • Minty tingly feel on lips which i love
  • No tint making it apt for night time application
  • Comes in 2 variation, SPF and Non SPF.
  • Classic one doesn’t have any fragrance. Cherry Carmex has a mild flavour/fragrance of cherry
  • Quite reasonably priced @ NOK 29.99 which is approx INR 250


  • I want to say none, but availability might be an issue. Its available in few shopping portal but expensive.
  • Also jar kind packaging can be a downside as one has to dip their finger to remove the product.

Neutrogena lip balm

This brand needs no introduction so i will just get into likes and dislikes.


  • Roll on packaging makes it perfect for travel and also men friendly 🙂
  • Very very hydrating
  • Lips stays moisturised for quite few hours
  • No tint.
  • Contains SPF 15.
  • No fragrance
  • Reasonably priced @ INR 149
  • Easily available at local chemist shop (i got mine from there)


None 🙂

Which ones are your favorites? What are you doing to take extra care of lips? Do you gals have any tip on how to keep lip pigmentation at bay?? Comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more 🙂


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