Forest essential De-Stress therapy kit – Quick review

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Long weekends here and i am in full de-stress and detox mode right now. So i am loading up my skin care stash with face masks and rejuvenating bath and body products. So plan is to sleep allot .. and workout allot.. and then have a pampering sessions for my skin exclusively. You can check the review for Innisfree face mask sheets i am going to use here. So to improve the quality of my sleep and de-stress i am also going to use the product which i am going to review here i. e . Forest Essential De-stress Therapy kit which includes spritz of essential oils which helps you unwind. Lets see how it fared 😛

Forest essential - De-Stress therapy

Product overview

This kit comprises of 2 bottles with the spray nozzle. One is Tranquil sleep and the other one is Stress relief. It comes in this beautifully packed box which just makes me want to save this packaging forever and never over use it just in fear of spoiling the package. It was priced @ Rs. 1650. But you can buy them individually too.

About Tranquil sleep

Enter a totally relaxed zone where you feel a thousand miles away from the pressures of everyday life as mind and body indulge in the benefits of deep, meditative relaxation to lull you into restful sleep. Tranquil Sleep from Forest Essentials contains pure Essential oils which are well known to dispel anxiety and stress for a sound sleep. The calming scent of Sandalwood and Geranium are used for their uplifting and clarifying effects on emotional wellness; whereas Nutmeg provides warmth and relaxation. Lavender is known to possess therapeutic constituents which bring you into a natural state of emotional balance to trigger a sound sleep

About De-stress therapy

Breathe in tranquility with the aroma of fresh Lavender as your body relaxes and stress gently slips away. Steam distilled Essential oils of these wonderfully scented flowers soothe your senses as they are applied to stimulate your body’s ability to release stress. Relax and unwind with Stress Relief from Forest Essentials. This contains the pure essential oils which provide calmness and serenity. Lime, Lemon and Peppermint oils bring clarity and focused concentration. Lavender is renowned for its ability to de stress. Stimulating fragrance of Peppermint improves mental relaxation and calmness.

Forest essential De-stress therapy

Does it do what it claims?

I tried both 5-6 time. Now one thing i would like to mention is i either ways sleep well. Like i dont have any sleep issue (*touch wood*). But i have noticed that in long flights and while travelling i cant sleep in upright position. So i bought Tranquil sleep just to try while travelling which i have not got a chance yet. But it definitely relaxes your mind and helps in sleeping quickly. So i can say it is effective in normal conditions.

Now when it comes to De-stress therapy, i have tried it in various situations like travelling and being at home. And it does help you feel relaxed and reduces your anxiety big time. One of the ingredient being lavendar oil does help allot. I have read lots of articles which claims lavendar oil is real stress buster.

Both smell divine, and helps you relax and provides calmness.

All in all i would recommend everyone to give it a try especially when you want to a take break from daily routine and in dire need of unwinding. Am not sure if its addictive but its effective 😉 (you see what i did there)

And to all my lovely beauties there i would urge you to take a break… sip some tea (green..chamomile.. or ginger are great detoxifier) apply some face mask (if nothing available ,apply works like magic), get some head or foot massage.. read books.. refrain from using any electorinc gadget especially mobile and TV. There is nothing refreshing like “me time”


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