Innisfree Sheet Masks – Quick Review

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How are you ?? and how is summer treating you? Today i am going to review the skin care product which is helping me cope with summer in Pune and not only that but, its also my most favorite thing for skin care currently. So shall we start??

Innisfree sheet masks

I am in love with the concept of sheet masks and Innisfree was the brand name which i have been following for quite few years for their range of sheets masks but availability was an issue. I was so keen on trying the brand that the moment Nykaa launched it, i added them instantaneously in my shopping cart. So far i have tried their skin clinic and it’s a real squeeze mask. And i have tried almost 7-8 variant till now.

Quick Review


  • Wide range to pick from.. Honey, aloe, green tea, Vit C , Collagen, Rose, Pomegranate.. and so much more…
  • Mask sits perfectly on face
  • Perfect for at home facial and spa
  • Out of 7-8 variant i tried my most favorite is Skin Clinic Masks – Vit C. But almost all made my skin super moisturised and radiant.
  • Masks are infused with so much serum that i end up rubbing extra drippy serum on my hands.
  • Priced at Rs. 100 and Rs. 150, it becomes the most reasonable and value for money masks available in counters. And if you keep following Nykaa, they give awesome offers too.
  • For best results apply it at night for 30mins and let the extra serum soak into your skin on its own and do not rinse it.

No dislikes.. I am in love with these face masks and i have stocked up atleast 10-12 more courtesy Nykaa for their irresistible offers (1+1 free) 😛

Do try them and let me know which ones were your favorites and worked best for your skin.

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