Kama Ayurveda – Kumkumadi Brightening Face Scrub – Quick Review

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Weather has changed… skin acting up and the outcome is drawer full of new products to try. Kama products are quite the rage in beauty bloggers community i must say, so i thought of ordering the 2 most talked about product from their range i.e. Kumkumadi Brightening scrub and Kumkumadi miraculous beauty fluid- night serum. I ordered these from Nykaa.com.

Today i am going to do a quick review on Kumkumadi Brightening scrub. So here it goes

Kama Ayurvedic- Kumkumadi brightening face scrub
Kama Ayurvedic- Kumkumadi brightening face scrub

Product Overview

Kumkumadi face scrub is specially formulated with pure Ayurvedic kumkumadi oil, a miraculous beauty fluid which is made with 12 precious and rare ingredients to help smooth fine lines, illuminate skin color and promote new cell growth.
Our Ayurveda based formula is blended with finest Saffron from Kashmir to brighten your skin, reduce dark circles and pigmentation. Finely ground Sweet Almond rich in Vitamin E & D nourishes and nurtures while exfoliating pollutants and impurities for a glowing complexion.

Claims to

Illuminates skin colour
Reduces dark circles
Reduces pigmentation
Reduces fine lines

How to use

Wet face with water, massage a small amount gently into the skin and scrub for a few minutes. Rinse well.
Use it once or twice a week.

My Experience

The face scrub comes in a jar container and there is 50gram product in it. But the jar is quite heavy making it not travel friendly. Good thing is, it comes with small spatula for hygiene and you can transfer the product into another travel friendly containers without any fuss. Now coming to the face scrub, the texture quite creamy with very fine granules which makes a perfect exfoliator for the skin.

I have tried this only twice since the time i bought this and believe me every time i applied it i had a very salon kind of experience. Firstly due to its amazing very mild fragrance and secondly and most importantly the my skin felt so refreshed and radiant after using it. It did remove the dead skin and exfoliated my face very well.

So to sum up here is the quick pointers on what i liked and disliked.


  1. Spatula for removing the product from jar
  2. Very fine granules which is not at all harsh on skin
  3. Removes dead skin efficiently
  4. Skin does look brighter


  1. Jar is little bulky and heavy for travel
  2. I dont know where to store that spatula as it wont fit in the jar. So i have preserved the box package. As a result it occupies more space in my vanity. Not sure how much of a concern will this be for you gals.

Price : 995 INR

This product is definitely try worthy. And if you do, do let me know how did you gals liked it.

Catch up soon with another review.

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