Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette – Radiance

Hello people

Today i am going to review my first highlighter palette. I was looking for one since quite long but didn’t want to splurge. So i found this palette by Makeup Revolution on but to my disappointment it was Out of stock for quite some time. But i did not give up as this one really looked promising and i kept track on its availability.

After long wait, finally the day cam when it was on stock and within a minute it was in Shopping basket. So lets see how this product looks and fares.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette - Radiance
Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette – Radiance

Product Overview

  • Our RADIANCE palette is here! ‘Take Instant RADIANCE Everywhere You Go”
  • Containing our unbelievable Radiant Light Illuminators. So soft and natural, to bring instant illumination to your complexion.
  • Breathe , Exhale, & Glow sophisticated palette with full-size mirror.


My Experience

Firstly let me appreciate the packaging. Its simple and sleek black box with 1 full size mirror. The quantity of each highlighter is quite allot. So if you buy this one palette you will be good to go for quite few months. There are 3 highlighter shades namely Breathe , Exhale, & Glow. Breathe and Glow can be used for duskier skin tone and Exhale is for fairer skin tone. The variety of color is quite amazing. Now lets come to the pigmentation and color pay off. I must say it is quite nice. See for yourself in below images.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette
L-R — Breathe , Exhale, & Glow

Now this image is not edited at all. No enhancement is used for color correction. It has amazing pigmentation and color payoff i must say.

Price : 1400 INR 

So to sum up i should this definitely is value for money palette and very good for people who are new to highlighting and contouring as it has good choices of color to experiment with and very cost efficient.

Do let me know if you gals will like to try it and if you do how did you like it.

Stay tuned 🙂

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