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Hello people

How is the sale season coming along for you gals? I have been on shopping spree this weekend. During sale, I love to indulge into body products as it does not create massive hole in pocket, well, not really. But still it saves “Some” money right??

Anywayzzz… As i was passing by The body shop and i saw a stack of products with a banner of 50% off on top of it. Do you think you can resist such thing.. Well i could not. So lets see what i bought.

Fijian Water lotus body mist and Bath Gloves
Fijian Water lotus body mist and Bath Gloves

Just strolling around the counters and i came across the collection of body mists and there was this very attractive and beautifully packaged bottle of body mist labelled “Fijian Water Lotus” and it smells heavenly.

Just look at the package


Quick Review

  • Smells heavenly. Quite floral
  • Great packaging
  • Price Rs. 1095 for 100ml. Reasonably priced
  • Lasts for good 4 to 5 hours. Expected a little more here.


The next thing i purchased is something which i have been a regular buyer of for almost 4 years now. This is my holy grail product for skin care. The best thing that happened to bath products i.e “Bath Gloves“. The best exfoliator for body ever. And it is so quick to use compared to body scrubs.

Body shop Bath Gloves

Quick Review

  • Quick to use.
  • Exfoliate skin and gets rid of dead skin.
  • Price Rs. 395. Reasonably priced
  • Comes in variety of color.
  • Can be washed easily after bath. Takes a little time to dry which is ok for me.
  • Not very abrasive on skin. Just don’t put much pressure while scrubbing.
  • Lathers shower gels very well.

So smelling good and smooth skin is what i am looking forward to with these 2 products. Although both the product i bought did not have any offer (i feel betrayed) but still there were so many makeup and skin care product on flat 50% off. You gals should definitely venture there.

Stay tuned for some more hauls and reviews.

Ciao 🙂



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