Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream – Review

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Its been ages i have written any reviews. I have been so busy past few weeks :P. Anyways better late than never 🙂

Today i am going to review “Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening cream” which i have been using for few weeks. I bought this from nykaa.com. Lets start shall we…


Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream – Day/Night
Price – 1800


Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream
Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream

Product overview and claims

Moisturizes and reduces the apparence of darks spots for a unified complexion.

Scars, sun damage… Hyperpigmentation affects many women of all ages. Discover the extraordinary brightening power of Licorice in the Exceptional Hydrating Cream of the White Botanical brand. Its whipped cream texture melts on the skin, immediately moisturizes and brightens it. Day after day, it reduces the appearance of dark spots and complexion is more uniform.

Result : After application, skin is well hydrated and more unified for 96% of women.

The Plus : Its unique whipped cream texture!

Can be used as a day and/or a night cream.

Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream
Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream

My experience

Packaging – Cream comes in a white heavy glass jar with screw lid. Package looks very classy and at par with high end brands. May not be travel friendly due to heaviness of the jar but i would not mind to travel with it as lid is very sturdy.

Results – I am using this with “Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Essence” and toner of the same range. This range is amazing. If you have read my previous articles, my major skin concern was hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by acne. I have tried few dark spots lightening product like Kiehls, Kama Ayurveda… but this didn’t do much and results were barely visible. I am not saying they did not work. They did but it took way longer for kind of results it showed. So i thought of changing the routine and try some new products. To my good luck nykaa had just launched Yves Rocher products on their website. I took a plunge and bought this range. And how i thank my stars that i did. Within 4-5 weeks my dark spots have faded almost 70%. I use this only at night times as my day time routine is little different. It did not break me out either. The texture is very mousse like and on application it finishes as matte. Skin looks fresh and non greasy.

I know many people must be put off by the “lightening” in the title and product name. But let me just tell you that i dont mind lightening and whitening products not because i want to become fair and white or i am not confident with my skin color. I am dusky and i love my complexion and skin tone. But i still buy or try creams/ gels with whitening / brightening claims only for one reason that it can help me remove the tan which i get due to travelling to office in noon times. People who stay in Pune would know what i am talking about. I cant wrap myself in Scarf and gloves as it suffocates me so i apply lot of Sunscreen and to counteract the damage and tan i apply lightening/brightening creams. Anyways lets get back to the product 🙂

Overall Experience

  • Classy Packaging
  • Non – Greasy and matte in texture
  • Does what it claims
  • Quite expensive but compare other products available with similar claims are even more expensive
  • Very very light floral fragrance

I would rate this product 4.5  out of 5.

I would love to explore more products from Yves Rocher. Do comment below if you have any recommendations.

Ciao 🙂

3 thoughts to “Yves Rocher White Botanical Moisturizing Lightening Cream – Review”

  1. I bought the white botanical youth essence and the white botanical moisturizing cream, which I have been using for the past week during the day. I have been experiencing itching on my cheeks and chin. Is this normal?

    1. Hey Joeline, I did not face any reaction with this set. Infact am through with essence bottle. You might be reacting to some ingredient in it, so please stop using it for few days and test if you reaction is because of these products. Its such shame that we invest so much in brands and they turn out be disappointment.

  2. Which of yves products can i buy for a brighter even tone, my face is dark and oily compared to my body and i was given a facial scrub, hydration moisturizing lotion and a soap i use twice in a week but my body and face are still dark after 3weeks! Which of the products will u recommend pls especially for my darker face

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