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Hand creams

My most loved Hand Creams and their Quick Reviews

Good morning people

Whilst sipping a piping hot green tea at my desk, am going to share with you all my favorite and most loved hand creams. Firstly let me tell you all, my hands are tooooo dry. They are like those fluid soaking sponges… in no time it just absorbs whatever cream i apply. This is why i have hand cream at my work desk, my vanity, my bag, my kitchen. well everywhere.

Well lets begin then…



The Body Shop Haul

Hello people

How is the sale season coming along for you gals? I have been on shopping spree this weekend. During sale, I love to indulge into body products as it does not create massive hole in pocket, well, not really. But still it saves “Some” money right??

Anywayzzz… As i was passing by The body shop and i saw a stack of products with a banner of 50% off on top of it. Do you think you can resist such thing.. Well i could not. So lets see what i bought.

Fijian Water lotus body mist and Bath Gloves
Fijian Water lotus body mist and Bath Gloves