My favorite foundations – Vol 1

Good Morning gals

While i was deciding on what i should be talking about in my next post, i remembered how i did not like applying makeup. The thought of applying foundations was so repulsive for me. Not because i did not like makeup but because i never had perfect match for my skin tone. So whatever i got the closest to my skin made me look like white washed wall. Why?? because we never had so many brands, let the range of shades. But scenario changed in past few years and how. Not only there are so many brands that launched but they are also accessible now.

So i am guessing by now you know what this post is about 🙂 ( of course duh, you read the title). Its about my most used and favorite and also perfectly matched foundations. As i have mentioned in quite few posts that i have a combination skin and my shade is NC 44.5 / 45 in Mac cosmetic world.

Maybelline, MAC, Loreal and Clinique
Maybelline, MAC, Loreal and Clinique

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Mac Cosmetics Lip liner – Beet and Chicory – Quick Review

Hello everyone

How is festive season coming along for you gals? Mine is super exciting.. Diwali is my most favorite festival and winter is my favorite time of the year, so you can imagine how excited i am 🙂 Anyways.. today i am going to do a very quick review on Lip liners by Mac cosmetics in shade Beet and Chicory. Lets begin.

Mac Cosmetics Lip liner – Beet and Chicory

Price : 1299 for one

Mac cosmetic lip liner - Beet and Chicory

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Mac cosmetics sheertone blush – Pinch me – Quick review

Good morning beauties

Today i am going to do a very quick review on a blush by the brand which is in heart of every beauty blogger and Makeup addicts. Its MAC Cosmetics 🙂

I was not into blush, as i tried few brands before and it broke me out. And then also i was little conscious as i felt applying blush would be too much of makeup. After watching endless makeup tutorials on youtube i felt ehh WTH, let me try one. I went to MAC and ask the Sales representative a neutral shade that would look good on my dusky skin. And bang… “Pinch me” happened.

Its the perfect blush. See for yourself

Mac Cosmetics Blush in shade "Pinch me"
Mac Cosmetics Blush in shade “Pinch me”

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