Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Liquid Liner and NYX Professional Makeup That’s The Point Eyeliner – Review

Hello people,

Are you obsessed with winged eyeliner trend as i am? Well I am very hooked onto this trend. For me it is either wing it or nothing. So when Maybelline launched Liquid liner in Gigi Hadid’s range i had to try it. While i was ordering it i came across NYX Professional Makeup’s That’s the point eyeliner and i ordered that too.

Lets compare these two and find out how they are 🙂

Maybelline and Nyx Liquid liner

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Primers by Clinique, Revlon and Nyx Cosmetics

Primers by Clinique, Revlon and Nyx Cosmetics - Quick Review

Hello peeps,

Today i am going to review something that i accidentally discovered and they were not in rage until few years back i.e Primers. Only time i heard that word was when my brother was getting painting job done at home and he was asking the painters to prime the wall first. Then when youtube happened to me i was spellbound by the numbproducts used by Youtube gurus on their face for makeup. One of that many thing was eye primer by urban decay. OMG every other youtube guru used it to make their eye makeup last longer and here i kept wondering where will get these damn thing.

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